Our Mission

The Capital Area Foreclosure Network was put together to help address the ever-growing foreclosure crisis happening across the National Capital Area.

With thousands of families having lost their jobs home delinquencies and foreclosures which have grown at an unprecedented rate. The economic turmoil causes families to jeopardize their security and their financial stability. As the numbers of families losing their homes continues to rise, housing counselors are overwhelmed trying to help homeowners work out solutions.

Homeowners are increasingly seeking legal advice to address scams, as well as comply with new laws and regulations. Direct social service providers are experiencing increasing levels of need from struggling homeowners and those who have recently been forced to relocate. Local governments, nonprofits, and national entities have responded to the crisis but more needs to be done to coordinate and target these efforts at the regional level.

In response to the area Foreclosure Crisis, The Capital Area Foreclosure Network (CAFN) was launched as a regional coalition. We seek to build on and coordinate the ongoing work of nonprofit organizations, local governments and national partners addressing the ongoing foreclosure crisis. CAFN will build the capacity of housing counseling, legal service and direct service organizations by raising awareness of the role of direct services through marketing and outreach, coordinating trainings around the region and developing sustainable fundraising strategies.

CAFN will use multiple forms of outreach to at-risk borrowers and renters. We also work with seniors with in-home care or assisted living programs.

Our goal is to:

Identify and fill gaps in the region’s housing counseling in service delivery

Provide support, trainings and peer networking for nonprofit housing counseling, local government staff, and legal service agencies

Create and maintain a regional calendar of trainings and events to coordinate efforts and reduce duplication

Establish and maintain relationships with lenders to form partnerships and increase efficiency

Link networks and provide a forum for banks, governments, and nonprofits to work together to find sustainable solutions to the foreclosure crisis

Coordinate regional marketing and outreach campaigns to at-risk homeowners